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If your car is damaged in an accident, let the skilled technicians at Autozoom’s car body shop in Acton West London, restore it to its pristine condition. We can also manage your Non-Fault Accident claim for you, without you having to involve your insurance company. Call on 0208 749 3376 or click below to complete short form

Autozoom technicians will make dents, scuffs and scratches caused by an accident disappear entirely

If your car’s damaged in an accident, you want it repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible. Autozoom will eradicate all unsightly marks, tears or dents on your car bodywork leaving it looking as good as new.

If you’re involved in an non-fault accident, you have the choice of calling your insurer or making an independent motor claim. Autozoom can make the claim on your behalf. This means we arrange for all costs to be covered directly from the at-fault driver’s insurers. You don’t pay any excess, and your premium stays exactly the same.


If your car has been involved in an accident, and you were responsible, your insurance company will deal with the accident claim. You are at liberty to choose which garage makes repairs to your vehicle, though.

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Had a Non-Fault Accident?

Autozoom will carry out manufacturer approved repairs, and take care of your independent motor claim. You’ll be given a replacement car and receive legal assistance with all aspects of your claim.

Had An At-Fault Accident?

If you opt to use Autozoom as your chosen accident repairs garage, we’ll take care of all the repairs to your car in our West London body shop. We’ll return it to you with all signs of accident damage erased.

Stress-Free Accident Repairs

When you’ve been through the stressful experience of an accident, you need to know that your chosen garage will provide the best of care for your vehicle. Autozoom makes accident repair simple; we take the stress, so you can recover.

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We help drivers by managing their accident claims independently of their insurers. Call Autozoom today on 0208 749 3376

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