Alloy Wheel Repair Acton

alloy wheel repair Acton

Alloy Wheel Repair Acton

Looking for Alloy Wheel Repair in Acton?

There are many reasons to select alloy wheels for your car; they’re lightweight, durable, and a superb visual enhancement to your vehicle. So if your alloy wheels get scuffed or are showing signs of corrosion, your first instinct may be to replace them with new ones. There is, however, an alternative. You could hand your alloys over to skilled Autozoom technicians who will restore them to their pristine condition.

We don’t just make repairs at Autozoom; we make new.

What is Alloy Wheel Repair in Acton?

Autozoom alloy wheel repair starts with the removal the wheel from your vehicle, and a thorough clean. This allows us to inspect the extent of the scratches, scuffs or corrosion needing attention. The tyre is masked off, and we start work on the damaged areas. Scuffs and scratches are rubbed down, then they’re filled and sanded to leave a smooth, seamless surface.

Once the repairs are completed, the wheel is repainted to return it to its car showroom finish. We can either match the wheel to its original colour, or replace it with a standard colour, or chrome metallic finish. Finally, your alloy is lacquered to achieve a high gloss finish, before polishing completes the process.

Diamond Cut Alloy Repair

Diamond cut alloys are now extremely popular because of their characteristic ‘CD finish’. This differs from the painted alloy wheel because of the finishing process. The alloy is machine lathed to cut an extra edge into the alloy. This creates fine grooves, just like a CD, which produce a stunning shiny finish.

The diamond cut finish is second to none, but it’s particularly vulnerable to chips from small stone, or corrosion marks. Autozoom diamond cut alloy repair is achieved by stripping back the surface alloy, using a specialist lathe to reproduce the original finish of your wheel. Computerised profile capturing is used as part of this process to ensure that only the finest sliver is removed.

Alloy Wheel Welding

Cracked alloys are caused by an unexpected impact on the wheel, such as a deep pothole, or raised manhole cover. If you encounter this kind of incident – all too likely on British roads – it’s as well to have your wheels checked immediately. Small cracks can be repaired, but if left the crack could become too substantial, leaving you no alternative but to scrap it.

Smaller cracks can be invisibly repaired by an alloy wheel weld. Autozoom technicians will assess the damage first, and report back on whether repair will be effective. If the crack is too big, the weld won’t hold. Where we are able to go ahead with repairs, the weld is made flush with the surface, and then machine lathed to create a seamless surface finish. Your wheel will look, and feel, as good as new

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Acton

If you’re thinking it may be time to replace your alloys, consider a refurbishment instead. Your wheels will receive dedicated time and attention from Autozoom technicians, and they’ll look as good as the day you had them fitted.

Looking for alloy wheel repair in Acton? We’re a West London garage with specialist technicians who can repair scuffs, scrapes, cracks or corrosion. Call us on 0208 749 3376