Aqua Blasting in West London

Aqua Blasting in West London

Aqua Blasting in West London

Aqua Blasting in West London

If you’re looking for an impeccable, gleaming finish on metal vehicle components, aqua blasting (also known as vapour blasting) is the best way to achieve it. Whether you need to remove corrosion, or clean grime from your wheels, exhaust or cylinder heads, Autozoom technicians will use aqua blasting to return them to you looking as pristine as the day they were made.

How Does Aqua Blasting Work?

Aqua blasting is a wet abrasive cleaning process. The item to be cleaned is ‘blasted’ with a mixture of high pressure water and minute glass beads – or media – inside a purpose built safety cabinet. This combination shifts grease, rust or grime off the surface of your car component. Once the item has been thoroughly checked to ensure that every trace of dirt or rust has been removed, it’s blown dry and our technician will apply a layer of oil to protect the surface.

What Are the Advantages of Aqua Blasting in West London?

Apart from the visuals, there are a number of benefits attached to choosing aqua blasting as your method of cleaning:

  • Thorough Cleaning. The use of both high pressure water jets and fine media guarantees that all dirt or rust is dislodged and removed in the process. It’s like giving the component a thorough scrubbing in order to achieve the very best finish.
  • Durability. Your component surface will be hardened during the aqua blasting process. This is due to a compacting of the metal that occurs as a result of the glass beads blasting the metal. This increases the durability of the metal surface and prolongs the life of the component.
  • An Eco-Friendly Process. There are no chemical, or hazardous materials used in the aqua blasting process. We simply mix glass beads and water to create a high pressure ‘slurry’. This is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly ways of cleaning automotive components.
  • Dust-Free Process. Aqua blasting ensures that the water cushions and lubricates the glass beads as they impact the surface. This both protects the surface from damage, and ensures the soft, satin glow which is characteristic of this procedure.

The Autozoom Aqua Blasting Process

Our technician will begin by washing down the component, or chemically dipping it if there’s old paintwork to be removed. The item is then placed in our aqua blasting cabinet for high pressure cleaning. The item is removed, quality checked, and then put through the process again to ensure a consistent finish across the entire surface. The component is washed to remove any remnants of the slurry mixture, blow dried, and finished with a layer of oil.

Car Lovers Love Autozoom

If you’re passionate about your vehicle, and you want to maintain it to the very highest standard, Autozoom car body shop in West London is the garage for you. Our goal is always to return your car in a pristine condition whether we’re repairing dents in the bodywork, restoring paintwork or refurbishing alloy wheels.

Aqua blasting in West London removes rust, grime and dirt to achieve a matchless soft, satin finish. Call Autozoom today on 0208 7493376 to book.