Aqua Blasting

West London Aqua blasting – Aqua blasting utilises a high pressure jet to remove grime, rust and grease from components, leaving them clean and gleaming.

Autozoom provides the ultimate metal cleaning and finishing process

Aqua blasting is an eco friendly cleaning technique which utilises 100/150 micron glass media abrasives suspended in a high pressure water system. This system has the advantage of blasting grease, grime and rust from the surface of car components without creating dust as a side product. Visit our body shop in Acton, West London to see for yourself.

aqua blasting
How Does Aqua Blasting Work?

Components are placed in a chamber within the aqua blasting equipment. It’s then blasted with a high pressure water jet containing glass media abrasives. The process is repeated until the component is thoroughly clean, and gleaming. It’s then dried and a layer of oil is applied to protect the finish.

Whatever it takes to restore your car’s bodywork, Autozoom car body shop has the solution

West London Aqua Blasting Services

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