Car Air Conditioning

West London vehicle air conditioning. Full service including air conditioning recharge and the removal of any bad odours.

Air Conditioning in West London – Autozoom offers a range of services that will cleanse and recharge your car’s air conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning loses charge each year, which makes it less efficient when it comes providing cool air in the summer, and warmth in the winter. An annual air con service keeps the system running at peak performance.

recharge your car’s air conditioning
Air Conditioning Temperature Check

There’s nothing like being able to access instant coolness when driving in the summer, and annual checks are all about guaranteeing that your air conditioning won’t let you down. A temperature check assesses whether the A/C air is as cool as it should be, or whether it needs recharging.

Recharge Services

Refrigerant gas is the fuel that circulates through your air conditioning system in order to keep your car interior cool. A drop in the gas levels will impact the efficiency of your system. The Autozoom recharge service replenishes your refrigerant levels and restores system efficiency.

Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Service

If you haven’t used your air conditioning for a while, you may notice an unpleasant odour when you run the system. This is due to a normal build up of bacteria which can easily be eradicated. An anti-bacterial clean banishes musty odours, and leave your system smelling fresh once more.

Autozoom is committed to keeping your vehicle running at peak performance

Car Air conditioning Services in Acton, West London

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