Car Body Repairs West London

Car Body Repairs West London

Car Body Repairs West London

High Quality Car Body Repairs West London

Purchasing a new car means buying into some of the most advanced tech you’re ever likely to encounter. With that comes a guarantee of high quality performance and built in durability. If only the same guarantee could extend to your car’s exterior! Even the most careful car owners regularly have to brush up against the reality of the UK’s roads. Which means that bodywork repairs are likely to be an ongoing requirement.

Technicians in the Autozoom car body shop in West London spend a good deal of time repairing car dents, scratches and cracks that simply couldn’t be avoided. Either they’re the consequence of adverse road conditions, negligence on the part of other drivers, or poor road maintenance. We know how frustrating it is for our clients, but we try to sweeten the blow by restoring cars to their pristine condition – without it costing a fortune.

Dent Repairs

The most common dent repairs we carry out are caused by small stones and chips and grit that fly up and impact your car’s surface. The damage caused is called a ‘ding’; a small but deep dent measuring less than half an inch in diameter. Dings can be repaired in the Autozoom car body shop using SMART technology. This means that we create a seamless repair only the damaged area, rather than replacing the panel as a whole.

Scratches and Scuffs

Repairs to scratched bumpers, or multiple paintwork scuffs, can cause distress to owners, but luckily they can be repaired quickly by Autozoom technicians. Once again we utilise SMART technology to colour match the paintwork to manufacturer’s specifications and make localised repairs without a panel respray.

Car Plastic Repairs

Modern bumpers are designed to take the impact of a light collision, without losing structural integrity. Many of the cracked or torn bumpers that we deal with can be restored to a factory finish without needing to replace them. The Autozoom car body shop makes invisible repairs on bumpers using a heat gun, plastic filler and plastic strips. Once we’re finished you won’t be able to see where the damage occurred.

Welding Repairs

At Autozoom we pride ourselves on being able to offer a range of welding techniques. This means that we can repair cracks, rust or accident damage on the full range of vehicle models. Many prestige cars are made of aluminium, for example. It’s a metal that behaves differently to steel in that its melting point and its conductivity is higher. TIG welding for aluminium repairs is one of the techniques we offer.

Autozoom Car Body Repairs in West London

Autozoom is an independent car body repair shop located in Acton, West London. Our state-of-the-art facilities, combined with a team of skilled technicians, guarantee high quality repairs. Our aim is always to restore cars to their showroom condition for owners – and we’ll work on your car until we achieve that. Whatever the repairs you require, Autozoom will ensure that your vehicle receives our undivided attention.

Looking for high quality car body repairs in West London? Autozoom independent car body shop will restore your car to its pristine condition – call 0208 7493376