Car Body Shop West London

Car Body Shop West London

Car Body Shop West London

Autozoom, Independent Car Body Shop in West London

It’s a great moment when you take delivery of your new, factory-finish supercar. But how long can you maintain its pristine condition on the British roads? That’s where Autozoom car body shop comes in. We know how heartbreaking those unavoidable chips, dents, scuffs and grazes can be to vehicle owners. Which is why we make it our goal is to return your high performance car to you looking a good as the day you first got it.

Autozoom car body shop has been created for the sole purpose of returning cars to a pristine condition whatever the challenges busy roads throw at it. To this end we have installed the latest spray booth technology, advanced vehicle diagnostic equipment, and state-of-the-art SMART technology. Of course, we also have the experienced technicians who are able to devote their expert care and attention to your car.

Services Offered by Autozoom Car Body Shop

Autozoom offers car owners a range of services which guarantee the comprehensive repair of scuffs, scratches, and dents. We can also repair vehicles that have been involved in accidents, requiring panel repair, and replacement. Our car body shop repairs include:

SMART Vehicle Repairs

SMART stands for ‘Small To Medium Repair Technology’. A SMART repair uses specialist tools, paint and materials to repair the specific area that has been damaged. The repair work will be matched exactly to the surrounding paintwork, rendering it invisible. The concentration on a localised area, rather than repainting the whole panel, means that SMART repairs are faster and more efficient.

Dent Repairs

Autozoom car body shop fixes dings and dents in your car bodywork, caused by collision. Where the paint has not been broken, we’ll carry out paintless dent repair. This involves pressing out the panel to its original shape, without needing to repaint. Otherwise we’ll repair the dent and repaint the damaged area. Either way, your vehicle will look good as new once we’re done.

Scuffs, Scratches and Chip Repair

Scratches, scuffs and grazes can’t be avoided; they’re the natural consequence of taking your car out on busy roads. That doesn’t stop them from being an annoyance, though, which is why Autozoom provides a fast, efficient and cost effective service for removing them. Better than that, we’ll return your car to you looking as good as the day you bought it.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishments

If your alloy wheels are looking scuffed, chipped or scraped, let our Autozoom technicians take a look at them before you you make the decision to replace them. In our car body shop in West London, we can create seamless repairs to chips, or scuffs. Our welding services repair broken or cracked alloys. Finally, we’ll repaint your wheels to make them good as new.

Your Local Car Body Shop in Acton, West London

We’re an independent car repair centre committed to providing second-to-none expertise, customer service and ongoing care. Whether you’re looking for a one-off repair or ongoing servicing and maintenance, Autozoom will provide the nurture and attention to detail that your car deserves.

Looking for a local car body shop in West London? Autozoom is an independent car repair centre located in Acton. For second-to-none repairs and service, call 0208 7493376.