Car Detailing West London

Car Detailing West London

Car Detailing West London

Autozoom for Car Detailing in West London

It may only be car enthusiasts who can tell you the difference between car detailing and car washing. However, once you’ve seen the results with your own eyes, you’ll have no doubts as to its impact on your vehicle. Many of our clients tell us that picking up a detailed car from Autozoom is like taking possession of a brand new vehicle. And that’s exactly the response we aim for on every job.

What is the Difference Between Car Detailing and Car Washing?

Car washing gets your vehicle cosmetically clean and gleaming. It concentrates on the surfaces that can be seen, and ignores any damage to the paintwork. Car detailing though, that’s a whole other story. It provides a deep clean of your vehicle’s surfaces – both those that are seen, and those that aren’t. It’s a thorough reconditioning of your vehicle, using specialist tools and products, with the goal of returning it to its pristine condition.

The Stages Involved in Exterior Car Detailing

The process involved in exterior car detailing requires acute attention to detail at every stage:

  1. Initial Wash. Your vehicle is given a generic clean in order to remove dust and dirt.
  2. Deep Wheel Clean. The wheels are cleaned using specialist brushes and cleaning products. Nuts, calipers and brakes are cleaned thoroughly to leave wheels gleaming.
  3. Paintwork Deep Clean. The paintwork is carefully washed and dried. It’s then deep cleaned using a clay bar which removes dirt which is bonded to the paintwork.
  4. Paintwork Polish. Working either by hand, or using a machine, the paint is polished – where necessary – to remove any swirl marks, light scratches, or rust.
  5. Waxing. The clean paint is waxed to add a layer of protection, and a showroom gleam.
  6. Finishing Touches. The windows and other surfaces are cleaned and polished to match the shine of the paintwork and wheels.

Why Getting Your Car Detailed Matters

A car detail not only cleans your car, it also provides it with a layer of protection with which to face the elements. The process itself involves an examination of every single square inch of your vehicle’s surface. We can guarantee, therefore, that should there be any nascent problems, our technicians will find them and suggest easy solutions before they they become costly issues to fix.

A regularly detailed vehicle holds its value better – especially if it’s a high performance, classic or older car – and makes it far easier to sell.

Autozoom is a Car Detailing Garage in Acton

Autozoom is an independent garage offering bodywork repairs, wheels refurbishment, servicing and car detailing in West London. Our specialist technicians are passionate about restoring the cars they work on to their original glory. Once a customer has had their car worked on at Autozoom, they tend become regular customers.

“Team was thorough and professional. I am very happy with the job done to my car and I have already recommended this company to my friends and family. Thank you Autozoom!” May Rovero

Want to restore your car to to its showroom state? Autozoom car detailing West London provides skilled technicians who achieve matchless results – 0208 7493376