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Car Detailing West London – We remove swirls, marks and scratches from the exterior and restore the original beauty of your car’s finish. Get in touch with Autozoom today.

An Autozoom exterior detailing makes you fall in love with your vehicle all over again

There are few things comparable to taking delivery of a new car. Our goal, at Autozoom, is to provide that same feeling when you take delivery of your vehicle after an exterior detailing within our car body shop in Acton, West London.

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Detailing is Different to Cleaning

The majority of car cleaning companies offer a ‘cosmetic’ clean of your vehicle. An exterior detail is a completely different process, in which every surface is carefully inspected, imperfections are corrected, and a pristine finish is restored.

What is Car Detailing?

New cars quickly become tarnished by their encounter with the real world, and no amount of cleaning and valeting brings back the pristine condition of first contact. Exterior detailing offers a premium cleaning experience in which each and every external surface is restored to its original state.

Lasting Protection of Your Paintwork

The final stage of your exterior detailing is the application of Ceramic Guard. This strengthens and increases the strength of the lacquer, enriching the depth of colour and providing enhanced scratch resistance. We provide 3 years’ protection with annual top-ups of this innovative ceramic coating.

Removing Scratches and Swirl Marks

Swirl marks are extremely fine scratches on the surface of the paintwork. They can be caused by the use of a rough towel when wiping away dust, or by poor car washing techniques. Autozoom will carefully remove them, leaving the surface free from blemish.

Whatever it takes to restore your car’s bodywork, Autozoom car body shop has the solution

Car Detailing West London

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