Car Plastic Repairs

Car plastic repairs West London – We provide invisible mending for cracks, holes and tears in automotive plastic parts.

At Autozoom we make cracks and tears vanish, so your bumper looks brand new

A bumper is critical to the protection of your car because it’s there to minimise or prevent damage to the rear, or front of the vehicle in the event of a low-speed crash, or collision. In the line of duty, it’s likely that your bumper will sustain cracks, tears or holes which require plastic repairs. Let our body shop in Acton, West London help.

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Bumper Repair or Replacement?

If you have a light collision, or – for example – back into a concrete post, the structural integrity of your bumper will be maintained, even though there may be cracks or tears. In this case, we would recommend plastic repairs to your bumper, rather than a replacement.

Repairing Bumper Cracks and Holes

Autozoom technicians are able to make invisible repairs on most cracked and torn bumpers. Using a heat gun, plastic filler and plastic strips, the damaged area is filled and repaired. Once the crack or tear has been mended, the area is primed, painted and lacquered to exactly match the original paintwork.

How Long Does Bumper Repair Last?

Having bumper cracks or holes repaired at Autozoom is equivalent to replacing it. Our repairs are guaranteed to be invisible to the eye and are completely robust. Our plastic repairs are designed to be permanent, and to last the lifetime of the component.

Whatever it takes to restore your car’s bodywork, Autozoom car body shop has the solution

Bumper Repair, West London

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