Car Resprays Acton

Car Resprays Acton

Car Resprays Acton

Autozoom Offers Car Resprays in Acton, West London

There’s plenty of reasons why cars come into our car body shop in Acton. It could be a scratch that’s appeared whilst parked. Or maybe it’s because of damage sustained in an accident. Or clients may simply want to change the colour of their vehicle. Whatever the reason, our respray technicians bring their considerable skills and focus to each car, with the sole aim of returning it to its original showroom condition.

Can I Do a Car Respray Myself?

This is a question we get asked a good deal. The answer is ‘yes’, if you have the time, ability and specialist equipment to do a good job. If not, it’s probably best to minimise the risk by handing your car over to professionals who will lavish care and attention on every stage of the process. If you have a car you love to drive, let us ensure that your car respray is the very best quality available.

Preparing For Your Vehicle Respray

Once you’ve dropped off your vehicle at our car body shop in Acton, the work of preparing for the respray begins. We take pride in having created an ideal environment for the work we do, which means we can guarantee the high standards of workmanship involved.

  • Your vehicle is stripped down, and any traces of old paintwork are removed. Then the metal work is sanded down and a rust inhibitor is applied.
  • Car bodywork repair is carried out. Our goal to to create a ‘good-as-new’ surface for respray.
  • The bodywork is given a clinical clean to ensure that any oily residue is removed prior to painting.
  • Masking ensures that any areas not included in the vehicle respray are covered.
  • A primer is applied as a base coat.

Once Your Car is Ready for Spraying

Autozoom car resprays in Acton take place in a specialist spray room. This has a sophisticated ventilation system designed to create the ‘paint mist’ required for spraying, whilst simultaneously minimising any health risks for the technicians. It’s also fitted with a heating system which, once the respray is complete, ‘cures’ the paint in order to speed up the drying process.

Your car respray in London is achieved through the application of paint in layers, with drying periods after each layer is complete. Once the car body respray is finished and dried, it’s polished to a glossy shine.

Quality Control for Car Resprays in Acton

We want our car resprays to return cars to the state in which clients first encountered them. Key to achieving this is quality control. Car respray quality checks are carried out after each stage of the process to ensure that no problem is overlooked. Where blemishes are discovered along the way, remediation occurs immediately.

Autozoom Car Resprays in Acton

Autozoom technicians understand cars, and love working to restore them to their pristine state. Once you drop your car off with us, we can guarantee that it will receive the very best care and attention in a carefully designed environment. We’re a safe pair of hands when it comes to car resprays – don’t put up with anything less for your vehicle.

Looking for high quality car resprays in Acton, West London? Autozoom provides a full respray, colour change, accident repair or restoration for your car – 0208 749 3376