Car Scratch Repairs West London

Car Scratch Repairs West London

Car Scratch Repairs West London

Ever noticed how your car can go for months without suffering from a single scratch, then notch up 3 or 4 in the course of a week?

Everyone wants to avoid them if they possibly can, but there are just so many ways in which they can happen. Here are the 5 most common causes that we encounter in the Autozoom car body shop:

  1. Grit, Loose Stones, Pebbles. We all know the misery of finding ourselves caught behind a gritting lorry in the Winter months. The Summer can also cause problems, as roads are resurfaced, leaving cars in danger of loose stones or pebbles flying up and scratching paintwork. Your car can suffer from flying debris pretty much anytime of the year.
  2. Hedges. Whether you’re letting a tractor past on a single track road, or squeezing into a parking spot in the middle of London, hedges can cause problems for your car. A close encounter can leave fine grazes and scratches on your car. Whilst they may not penetrate deep into the paintwork, they can cause the sheen to dull over time.
  3. Pedestrians. Parking your car on the road means leaving it to the mercy of passing pedestrians. 99.9% of the scratches caused by passers-by are totally accidental but they leave their mark, nevertheless. Most common are children’s bike handlebars, handbags, trolleys and jewellery.
  4. Pavements. Many of the bumper scuff marks and scratches we repair are caused by pavements that take drivers unawares. Just a moment’s distraction, or an unfamiliar road layout, can be the precursor to the sickening sound of a scrape.
  5. Minor Accidents. Of course, minor accidents happen. Often they’re down to slight spatial misjudgements. These can lead to a car door being opened to quickly, reversing into the car behind, or a car being scraped as it tries to turn in a tight spot. Most drivers accept that such short term problems are annoying, but inevitable, when you drive regularly.

What’s the Best Way to Deal With Car Scratches?

There are DIY solutions out there for minor scuffs and scratches. These tend to be abrasive, so we would caution against using them unless you’re an experienced car enthusiast. For peace of mind, we would recommend professional car scratch repairs. Often minor scratches can be dealt with promptly and expertly, without it costing you a fortune.

SMART Repairs for Scuffs and Scratches

SMART repairs are designed to deal with minor scuffs and scratches efficiently and cost-effectively. Using specialised tools, we’re able to restore a localised blemish without having to make repairs to the surrounding panel. SMART repairs can be carried out to extremely high standards, and your car is restored to its original condition in just hours.

Autozoom – Car Body Shop in West London

Our repair shop in Acton repairs minor imperfections fast and returns your vehicle to its pristine condition. We can also remove small dents and dings from your car bodywork. Autozoom technicians can be relied upon to maintain the appearance, health, and performance of your car throughout its life.

We offer: car servicing, diagnostics, exterior detailing, alloy wheels refurbishment, and complete resprays.

Need minor scuffs and scratches removed from your car’s paintwork? Call Autozoom on 0208 749 3376 – Our West London car body repair shop will restore your vehicle to its pristine condition.