Car Servicing Acton

Car Servicing Acton

Car Servicing Acton

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Some people consider getting their car serviced to be a tense, or even nerve-wracking, experience, but there’s really no need to feel anxious about it – quite the contrary. Regular car servicing – like medical or dental check ups – exists to minimise expensive repair work on your vehicle. How? By catching problems early, before they cause break down and high repair bills.

At Autozoom, our skilled technicians are passionate about maintaining the vehicles they work on at peak condition. They will tell you that regular car servicing in Acton (where our independent garage is situated) will improve your driving experience, and minimise the amount you spend annually on vehicle repairs.

5 Key Benefits of Car Servicing in Acton

  1. Reduces Repair Bills – regular preventive maintenance helps to avoid large repair bills
  2. Minimises Risk of Breakdown – having your car regularly serviced means that issues likely to cause breakdown are nipped in the bud
  3. Lessens the Chance of Accidents – Servicing keeps your car running safely, so you’re less likely to have an accident
  4. Optimum Fuel Consumption – a vehicle service will ensure that your car is achieving optimum fuel consumption – so you’ll spend less on running it.
  5.  Advice From Autozoom Technicians – Most of us aren’t experts when it comes to cars. Having a local garage that can provide ongoing advice and guidance is a definite plus, therefore!

“Finally a place to go to where not only do they have the best equipment, but are honest and trustworthy and do not overcharge. I had a full service carried out on my BMW 330 including brakes & discs front and back shocks & springs front and back, ignition coils etc. Work carried out to a very high standard and the money I paid was very reasonable considering the amount of work done. Highly recommend Auto Zoom and its wonderful team.” Ashraf Abdel-Hady

How Often Should Your Car Be Serviced?

There’s no easy answer to this, because it depends on the kind of usage your car gets, its age, and what it’s used for. The best way to determine the servicing schedule that would suit your car is to talk to the Autozoom specialists. As a general guide, though, we offer 3 different kinds of car servicing:

Annual Full Car Servicing in Acton

Most car manufacturers recommend servicing every 12,000 miles, which for many people means it’s an annual event. Full car servicing involves over 70 checks of your vehicle, with adjustments made where necessary. All car components are carefully scrutinised including your air conditioning unit and spark plugs. Where necessary replacements are made.

Interim Car Service

If your car use is heavy, your servicing checks need to be more frequent to keep your vehicle running safely. The interim service comprehensively covers basic safety checks such as brakes, wipers, fluid levels, tyres, lights, steering, clutch and exhaust. It will also include filter and oil changes.

Winter Checks

During the winter months we make different demands on our vehicles, so it makes sense to ensure that they’re up to the challenge. We concentrate on the parts of the car that are crucial to high performance in icy, or wet weather. So tyres are checked, anti-freeze is topped up, and wipers are inspected and replaced if necessary.

Car Servicing From Autozoom West London

We’re an independent garage, committed to providing second-to-none car repairs, car bodywork and diagnostics for your car. We specialise in services for high end vehicles, and guarantee to return your car to you in pristine condition. We’re also there for you should you be involved in an accident. If it wasn’t your fault, we can take care of the claim for you – without you having to contact your insurers.

Autozoom provides 1st class car servicing in Acton, West London. We carry out over 70 checks to keep your vehicle in top condition. Call us on 0208 7493376