Car Servicing

Car Servicing West London – A detailed scrutiny of all components and systems, ensuring your car is problem-free.

Autozoom provides peace-of-mind that your vehicle is running at peak performance

Regular servicing ensures that vehicle faults are identified and dealt with early. Critical checks to vehicle components – brakes, suspension, steering, clutch, exhaust – guarantees that vital components are in tip-top working condition.

Scheduling Vehicle Servicing

Specialist Servicing at Autozoom

Our technicians have the training and experience to provide warranty and full services on all major vehicle makes and models.

Scheduling Vehicle Servicing in our West London Garage

If you have a new car, the manufacturer will stipulate your servicing schedule, and the checks that need to be carried out to maintain your warranty. Vehicle servicing is recommended every 12,000 miles for older vehicles. Most modern cars have a dashboard prompt for when servicing is due.

Servicing Bands

Oil & Filter Change

This is a basic service which focuses on one area of the vehicle, only. This is accompanied by a visual inspection, but no specific safety checks are carried out.

Interim Service

Recommended every 6,000 miles. This service covers all the basic safety checks, including lights, wipers, brakes, fluid levels, tyres, clutch, steering and exhaust.

Full Service

Recommended every 12,000 miles. All the basic checks are covered, but additionally there is scrutiny of all the car components including air conditioning.

Autozoom is committed to keeping your vehicle running at peak performance

Car Servicing in Acton, West London

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