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Car welding West London – Aluminum and Steel welding for wear and tear, corrosion and accident damage.

Autozoom technicians use welding techniques to replace panels, or repair rust patches

Welding techniques are used on your car’s bodywork where accident damage, rust or cracks need to be repaired. At our car body shop in Acton, West London we use a range of welding techniques which ensures that we are able to make a broad range of repairs to both steel and aluminium panels and components. The four types of welding we employ are:

car welding
Spot Welding

This describes the process of welding two or more metal sheets together using the combined forces of heat and pressure. Shaped alloy copper electrodes are used to convey an electric current which melts the metal allowing for a fusion of the separate elements.

MIG Welding

We use MIG welding for panel repairs. Also known as arc welding, it utilises a solid wire electrode which is fed through the welding gun onto metal. The effect of contact is that the two separate metals are joined together.

Braze Welding

A type of welding that joins to metals not by melting them, but rather by applying a filler that bonds them together. Key to the process is the melting temperature of the filler, which needs to be below that of the metal it is bonding.

Aluminium Welding

Many prestige cars are made of aluminium. This metal behaves differently to steel in that its melting point and its conductivity is higher. Autozoom technicians carry out aluminium welding using a TIG welding machine.

Whatever it takes to restore your car’s bodywork, Autozoom car body shop has the solution

Car Welding West London

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