Dent Repair

West London Dent Repair – We remove dents, stone chips and paint scratches from your bumper, car door and panels. Get in touch with Autozoom today.

Our car body repair shop in Acton, West London removes minor imperfections and returns your car to showroom perfection

Dents, scratches and stone chips are part of the natural wear and tear life inflicts on your car’s bodywork. Luckily, these minor annoyances can be eradicated fast and effectively in the Autozoom car body shop.

Bumper & Dent Repair
Dent Removal

We fix unsightly car dings (dents that are less than half an inch in diameter), or round dents that are the consequence of collision with a small object. Whether the dent is in your bumper, or side panel, your vehicle will emerge from the Autozoom car body shop good as new.

Paint Scratches

Single scratches and multiple scuff marks can be repaired and removed quickly by Autozoom technicians. Car colour matching to your manufacturer’s specifications ensures that the damaged area can be painted without requiring full panel respray.

Stone Chips

These are totally unavoidable, especially when driving on gritted roads in the winter. The damage they cause tends to be small, but deep – known as a ‘ding’. We offer SMART repair (Small to Medium Repair Technology) for chips, which means only the damaged area is repainted.

Whatever it takes to restore your car’s bodywork, Autozoom car body shop has the solution

West London Dent Repair

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