Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment West London

Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment West London

Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment West London

Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment London

Diamond cut alloy wheels are so good-looking that it can feel like a tragedy when they become scuffed, chipped or scratched. Especially if the blemish occurs because of a high kerb or a pothole that should have been repaired months ago! Thankfully, diamond cut alloys can be restored to their original glory fairly easily – but it needs a professional for the job.

Diamond Cut Wheels

The specific beauty of diamond cut alloys is created by the removal of part, or all, of its painted surface using a diamond tip tool. The precision of the process ensures that only the a slither of metal is removed to reveal the shiny clean cut metal beneath. The minuscule grooves created in this process enhance the sheen, creating the characteristic ‘CD finish’.

When a diamond cut surface is damaged, the only way to return it to its original brilliance, is to shave off the damaged surface to reveal a pristine surface beneath. This is skilled, precision work, that required specialist equipment.

Autozoom Provides Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment in London

Clients with damaged diamond cut alloys usually want to drop off their car, and return later to discover restored perfection. That is exactly the service we offer at the Autozoom car body shop in Acton. The process has three stages, profiling, cutting and lacquering:

  1. Step One – Profiling. This takes the most time, and it’s absolutely critical to achieving the precision required on the cut. Computerised profile capturing technology probes every surface of the wheel in order to map accurately the shape and size of the wheel.
  2. Step Two – Cutting. Once the mapping is complete, the diamond tip tool is used to shave the thinnest of slivers from the diamond cut alloy. Just to give you a sense of how thin the sliver is, it’s thinner than a sheet of aluminium foil.
  3. Step Three Lacquering. Once the cut is complete, the tyres are masked off and we apply a coat of lacquer. This serves as a protective layer on top of the vulnerable, newly revealed metal.

How Often Can Diamond Cut Alloys Be Repaired?

The process of removing the surface of the alloy obviously means that it can only be carried out a finite number of times. If the damage to your diamond cut alloys involves a deep gouge, you may only be able to repair it once. If, however, you’re looking to remove light scuffs and scratches you’ll be able to carry out a number of refurbishments before the wheel needs replacing.

The Autozoom Wheel Specialists in West London

You know what our car technicians love more than anything? The look on the face of clients picking up their diamond cut or alloy wheels refurbishment. We can tell them that they’ll be greeted by perfection, but it’s difficult to believe until it’s actually there, in front of you. At Autozoom we invest in the best equipment, technology, and vehicle specialists to ensure that perfection – every time.

Autozoom provides diamond cut alloy refurbishment at their Acton car body shop in London. Call us for a prompt appointment on 0208 7493376