Diamond Cut Alloys

Diamond Cut Alloys West London – We create a flawless polished face for your alloy wheels using diamond cutting technology. Get in touch with Autozoom today.

Autozoom uses a specialist lathe to remove a thin layer of alloy, returning it to pristine perfection

More and more alloy wheels are now diamond cut. The shiny alloy finish looks stunning, but it’s vulnerable to corrosion spots caused by small stones chipping the wheel. At Autozoom there are 6 steps to our diamond cutting process:

diamond cut wheels

First we remove the wheel, and the tyre. It is then aqua blasted to remove all dirt and grime from the surface area.

The alloys are inspected for cracks, bends or buckles. Repairs to the wheel face and rims are carried out if necessary.

In the paint room a primer is applied, and allowed to cure, prior to colour application.

Wheels are placed on a specialist wheel turning lathe to cut away the surface alloy. Computerised profile capturing technology ensures that only the minimal amount is cut from the wheel.

A clear coat of lacquer is applied to protect the surface from corrosion.

The tyre is re-fitted and the good-as-new wheel is replaced on the car.

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