Non Fault Accident Claims

Non Fault Accident Claims

Non Fault Accident Claims

Let Autozoom Take Care of Your Non-Fault Accident Claim

You’re travelling through heavy traffic, on your way home. It’s raining, nasty conditions, but you’re concentrating hard on the road when suddenly, from nowhere, someone hits your car. They get out of their vehicle and so do you. Now you’re standing in the rain, this wasn’t your fault, but it’s likely to cost you money.

If you make a non-fault claim on your car insurance you’ll be asked to pay your excess before the car can be repaired. Not only that, your premium is likely to rise as a result, even though it’s a non-fault claim. So, you’ve done nothing wrong, and yet you’re made to pay. That can’t be right!

Autozoom Provides an Alternative to Insurance Claims

Instead of calling your insurance company, you could call Autozoom instead. We offer the kind of service that you’d expect from top range insurance cover – courtesy car, prompt damage assessment, high quality repairs, legal assistance – without having to make an insurance claim.

How do we do it? We make an independent motor claim on your behalf. This means that we arrange for all costs to be covered directly from the at-fault driver’s insurers. You don’t pay an excess, and your premium stays exactly the same.

How Do Non-Fault Independent Accident Claims Work?

Here are the 6 simple steps that we follow:

  1. Call Autozoom to tell us about the accident – no need to call your insurer
  2. We provide you with a comparable replacement vehicle whilst yours is repaired
  3. Damage to your vehicle is assessed
  4. Guaranteed repairs are made on your vehicle
  5. Legal assistance is arranged for the recovery of your expenses, lost earnings or claims for compensation
  6. Your car is returned to you, good as new

Autozoom Provides Hassle-Free Care For You and Your Car

When you’ve been through the shock of being part of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you need to know that you’re going to be given the best of care. Autozoom offer a completely hassle-free accident claim process which means you can hand over all the hard work to someone else, whilst you recover. Then – once your car’s roadworthy once more – you simply drop off your courtesy car and drive away in your own vehicle. It’s that simple.

Why Choose Autozoom?

“Fantastic service, team was thorough and professional. I am very happy with the job done to my car and I have already recommended this company to my friends and family. Thank you Autozoom!” May Rovero

We’re an independent garage based in Acton, West London. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care for drivers and their vehicles whatever the circumstances. Our skilled mechanics and technicians provide servicing, car body repairs, external detailing and wheel refurbishments out of our state-of-the-art car body shop. You can trust Autozoom to assess the problem, provide the solution, and return your vehicle good as new.

Autozoom, located in West London, can manage your non-fault accident claim from start to finish. Call us instead instead of your insurer – 0208 7493376